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Väck upp folk och ha kul - webkunnig sökes!
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Väck upp folk och ha kul - webkunnig sökes!
#1 Ett datorspel för att vakna upp folk - webbkunnig sökes!

Jag har en plan för hur man ska väcka upp folk. Det är en härlig bait-and-switch där folk får tillräckligt med empati för att inte vara reaktiva när de får inse sanningen senare på. Söker då nån som kan det här med hemsidor, gillar datorspel, anarkokapitalism, sanning, empati, och inte har något emot att få betalt för sina tjänster. Har postat samma sak på FDR.

Ringer det nån klocka? Jag pejstar min engelska pitch här... Fråga gärna om det är nått!


Offering paid work for an intermediate to advanced website developer for website. Must know databases, payment solutions and how to work with the WebRTC API.

Who are you?

This is an easy job for a coder who knows what he's doing. You likely have a few years of web development, knows how to set up servers that utilize a database that users interact with (data, passwords, texts). You MUST be able to configure and customize video webconferencing via the webRTC API. You love structure and making code beautiful. Your have attention to detail. Creative, independent, and motivated. You've probably set up a webshop at one time, and dealt with payment solutions for it. I believe you like anachocapitalism too... (if not, why would you be reading this?)

Who I am

My name is Magnus. I make computer game music for a living. My music has been featured in games like VVVVVV, Extreme Road Trip and Tactile under the moniker Souleye. I am also big into personal development.

The vision (aka the pitch for the game)

Have you ever had a relationship where it went sour and they didn't tell you why in a way you could understand? Then you know how much that hurts and creates disconnection. Imagine now a videoconferencing game on the website that uses crowdsourced feedback to give you the truth that people are afraid to give you, but you know would make all the difference - all the while using playful fun real-life interaction-based games that center on connection.

This unique game is meant to solve a very real problem that we've all faced at some point, which is to show us where we're wonderful and we're strong, and also make us aware of our blind spots in our personality. You see, the problem is that people often don't tell us the real reason why they act the way they do or why they're upset, and so you never really learn what to improve about yourself - or them. This game site will give you a special kind of x-ray vision into yourself and others, and finally get to see yourself the way other people see you - using a fun array of light interaction games.

So the goal is to help you become a better person and enjoy the process, giving you the understanding and skills you need to grow as a human being. This will also allow you to use your honed abilities to further other people's growth. All this, while playing games with other people who want better connection, help you train your empathy, and join you in having fun!

Technical things that'll need to be done:

Log ins
Password retrieval
Main game loop and a few different web pages
Ladder system (which means a database), and voting systems
Levels and abilities like an RPG and a host of other mechanics.
Webshop with payment options of Paypal, Bitcoin, Credit Cards etc.
Statistics generation
ZENdesk support system
On-site crowdsourced subgame creation (text based), submission, editing, voting, implementation.
In-game "gold" and "silver" currency.
And likely some more things I haven't thought of right now...


Send me an message with links to some previous work, a little description of yourself and your skills, together with any questions you might have! And I'd love to get your Skype address to talk about your potential involvment in this project, no strings attached.

Thanks for reading!
2016-02-06, 09:46
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